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Perfectly Practical!

Ditch the envelopes & find wallet peace

The Cash System Wallet offers a solution for busy budgeters looking to get their spending under control so they can build their emergency fund, start their debt snowball, and smash their financial goals.

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It’s the cash envelope budgeting system - without the envelopes!

This high-quality wallet features 8 interior, labeled slots that work like envelopes to organize your cash into budget categories, all in a securely zippered section. It’s also got an easily accessible space for your cards, IDs, checkbook, and pen, secured with a turnkey latch. A zippered pouch on the outside gives you easy access to your change, and the optional wristlet attachment frees up your hands.

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Set Yourself Up for Financial Success

It’s cash envelope budgeting made easy!

You’ve most likely heard of cash envelope budgeting, and you may even be using it already. (If you haven’t heard of it, check it out here.)

Keeping your cash in envelopes is messy. Ever forgotten an envelope at home? Dave Ramsey suggests turning the car around and going back for it. Maybe Dave Ramsey’s never spent an hour getting his kids into the car and then rushing them to daycare and school, so we can excuse his naivete. 

Plus, shuffling through envelopes at checkout is anxiety-inducing, especially if you’re holding a toddler and a diaper bag. The last thing a go-getter like you needs is a system that makes life more complicated! 

We can’t give you more hands, but we can give you a solution to streamline your cash envelope budgeting.

With the Cash System Wallet, your money is safe, organized, and easily accessible, all in a stylish wallet that’s built to last.


See a review of the cash system wallet

Meet Sarah of Work Life Glue; busy mom, blogger, and cash envelope budgeter.

Where fashion meets function

We know that successful budgeting is satisfying, but it’s rarely stylish… until now!

At just over 4 ½ inches tall and just under 8 inches wide, this is a clutch-style wallet that you won’t want to hide in a bag. Big enough to hold all your cash without having to fold it, but small enough to keep from weighing you down, it’s the ideal size to act as your budget control center.

The included wristlet attachment lets you flaunt your financial intelligence with confidence. With 17 different patterns and colors to choose from, you’re sure to find a cash system wallet that complements your style. 

Crush your financial goals and look cute doing it!

Great Buy!

The most secure way to budget with cash

Nervous about carrying around a lot of cash? The cash system wallet is designed to be discreet and secure, keeping your money and cards contained, hidden, and close at hand:

*Cash Stays Hidden - The envelopes are 1" taller than US bills, meaning that the cash in other sections won’t be visible when you’re pulling out money at the register.

*Zippered & Secure - The cash section zips up, leaving no chance that your money will fall out or be seen by prying eyes. Paying with cards? Just open the card section - no need to show anyone you’re carrying cash!

*Stays closed - The turnkey latch on the card section ensures that the wallet won’t fall open, unsnap, or pop open when pulled.

*RFID protection - Choose one of our RFID wallets for added protection from data theft.

*Hands-free security - Use the optional wristlet attachment to keep your wallet close at hand, without actually having to use your hands.

How to budget effectively with the cash system wallet:

1. Label your wallet’s sections

Decide on the categories you’ll include in your cash envelope system.

The wallet includes 8 labeled pockets to keep your cash separate.

10 pre-printed labels are included to customize your slots. Use ours, or create your own!

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2. Decide how much

What amount of money will you budget for those categories each week?

Will you refill your wallet every week, or every two weeks?

No matter what amount you choose, your cash will stay hidden in the wallet’s deep envelopes

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3. Fill your wallet

At the beginning of each budgeting period, fill each labeled slot with the amount of cash you decided on for that category.

Carry your checkbook and a pen in the slip pocket and pen loop.

Organize all of your cards with 6 card slots and 2 ID holders.

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4. Stick to your budget

As you make purchases in each category, only use the cash from that section. 

Conveniently store change in the zippered pocket located on the outside of the wallet.

When the money is gone from a section, it’s gone! Try not to borrow from other sections.

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If you end up with extra money in a section at the end of your budgeting period, go you! Treat yourself to a latte, keep it in that section as a cushion, put it in savings, or pay down debt!

Congratulations on winning at budgeting!

Makes Budgeting So Easy!

“Super easy to keep track of your budget. Works great with the Dave Ramsey plan. Love it so much!”


10 Benefits of the Bella Taylor Cash System Wallet

1. It’s stylish

Budgeting means making sacrifices, but style is one thing you don’t have to sacrifice when you use the cash system wallet.

With clean lines, crisp stitching, and expandable accordion-style cash slots, even the inside looks good!

“I’m so excited to start 2020 with a cash system wallet and so glad I discovered your shop — so many others are plain & ugly and I knew I’d need some excitement for this journey, even down to the wallet.”

- Meagan Buchholz, Fall 2019

2. It’s a clutch

If you’re traveling light, this wallet has the capacity to act as your purse.

Even with cash, cards, IDs, and a pen, most of our customers report that they can fit keys or even a slim phone inside!

“What I have been carrying in three places now fits into one! Quality looks good. Has space for credit cards, check book and 7 dividers with space for a label and even pre-printed labels.”

- Cash Envelope Budgeter, Oct. 2017

3. It’s high quality

Whether you choose durable leather or diamond stitched microfiber or cotton, this wallet is made with care and built to last.

All seams are strong and the card slots and envelopes hold their shape, even with heavy use.

“This is by far my favorite wallet to organize my cash system. It's sturdy and made of high-quality material. I recommend it to anyone who uses a cash system.”

- Jessica Duffy, Oct. 2016

4. It’s secure

Your cash stays safe in the zippered section while your cards can only be accessed by operating the turnkey latch.

The envelopes are deep enough to hide your cash from onlookers, and the optional wristlet means you can use your hands without having to set your wallet down.

“I love everything about this wallet. Every pocket is the perfect size. The cash pockets are deep enough to securely hold your bills, without showing off how many bills you may have in each pocket.”

- B. Lovell, Oct. 2020

5. It’s versatile

The cash system wallet is designed to adapt to your needs.

Attach the wristlet for hands free use or use the D ring to attach the wallet to your purse or diaper bag. Hook your keys onto the D-ring and wristlet or slip them into one of the many slots.

“I use my different "pockets" for categories of things like my gas debit card and car insurance card, my vet/pets only credit card, my grocery saver cards, my entertainment gift cards, my health HSA debit card along with my health insurance card. I have found even if I do not follow the exact "envelope system", it keeps me very organized!”

- Carol Aspinwall, June 2020

6. It has enough envelopes

With 8 envelopes for dividing cash, you can super-categorize your spending or use some sections for cash and others for coupons, receipts, or lists.

Our competitor’s wallets only have 4 or 5 envelopes!

“Best wallet I have ever owned. Lots of space. Perfect for the organizing and budgeting freak in me. I will probably never buy any other wallet bc I'm so happy with this one.”

-Sarah Gaskin, July 2018

7. It lets you label envelopes

Every envelope has a plastic slot for a paper label, so you can customize your wallet to your budget needs.

It comes with 10 pre-printed labels of common categories, or you can create your own!

“I love organization! I have everything together in one wallet. I labeled all my sections. I have my checkbook in it all in one. I feel totally organized love it!!”

- Renee Thomas, Jan. 2020

8. It keeps cards separate from cash

No risk of cash falling out as you rush to find the right space for a card you just used.

Access your cash by unzipping one section, or reach your cards by opening the turnlock latch and flipping the front of the wallet open.

“Once I put all my stuff inside, I loved it! Very sturdy. Love the separation for the cash. Beautiful, and easy to access. It also holds my 2 checkbooks.”

- Suzanna Lainez, May 2020

9. It’s a commitment

Investing in a wallet for cash envelope budgeting makes you more likely to stick with the system.

This wallet serves as a commitment to yourself and conveniently makes cash envelope budgeting a permanent fixture in your daily life.

“I have this wallet and I love it. I feel it’s less obvious at the check out I have a lot of cash. I’ve used it for over a year. Get it! It will renew your excitement!”

- Stacey Robertson Segaar, Jan. 2020

10. It’s the tool you need

When it comes down to it, the cash system wallet is a tool. And like any tool, it will make your job easier - and your job is to stick to your budget so you can achieve your financial goals!

“I got mine.. and love it. It makes the envelope system totally doable!! Thank you!!”

- Misty-Ann Armenti, Fall 2019

BEST. WALLET. EVER. #adultinglikeaboss

“I put this purchase off for months because I didn't want to spend the money, but boy do I wish I had bought this sooner! I was skeptical, but once I received my wallet, I was highly impressed with its quality. The quilting on the fabric is well-done, the material is soft and pretty; not too eye-catching or frilly. I love how many pockets the wallet has and I feel like it's well-balanced. It makes me feel like I can do some serious adulting now when it comes to my budget.

It has just the right amount of the large pockets for cash (which will help me stay within my budget SO much better). It's also enough for me to keep my receipts and coupons organized. There are enough places for my cards, and even a couple other larger pockets for miscellaneous items. There's even a spot to hold a pen, which I hadn't noticed when looking at it. The zipper pocket for coins is just the right size and not super-tight and small like many I've had before. I can get my fingers in there without feeling like my circulation is getting cut off. 

The biggest seller for me on this item is that while it is a larger wallet, it doesn't feel bulky at all. It's just that well-designed and made that even with all my cash, receipts, cards, etc., it doesn't feel heavy or burdensome. BIG deal! I looked at a LOT of other wallets similar to this style on Etsy, and this was just as good, if not better, for quality and price. You don't always know what you'll get with Etsy. Some of the ones I saw on Etsy seemed like overkill too (do I really need 15 cash pockets for every little thing? Just give me the essentials and then a little extra room in case.) The only thing I would suggest to improve this wallet is a wrist strap (a removable one would be fantastic!) so that it's even easier to take with you when you're on-the-go.*

Overall, I absolutely love this wallet and won't be using anything else from now on!


-Laura Adams, September 2017

*We pay close attention to reviews and have been incorporating customer feedback ever since we first launched in 2015.

The Cash System Wallet now comes with a removable wristlet to free up those hands!

You too can adult like a boss and budget like a pro with the Cash System Wallet!

Frequently Asked Questions

What materials are the wallets made of?

We want you to carry this wallet everywhere, so we built it to last. You can select either genuine leather, 100% microfiber fabric with our solid colors, or 100% cotton with our patterned wallets.

Is there room for a cell phone to fit inside the Cash System Wallet?

With so many deep slots for cash, you’re bound to have extra space! Many customers report storing their slim smartphones in the Cash System Wallet. Whether your phone will fit depends on its thickness and the combined bulk of everything else you choose to carry in your wallet.

Will a passport fit inside the Cash System Wallet?

Yes, the envelope pockets are deep enough to carry your passport with ease. If you intend to store your passport in your Cash System Wallet, we recommend choosing one of our RFID blocking wallets. This will protect the information encoded in your passport from digital theft. 

How big is the Cash System Wallet?

The Cash System Wallet is a clutch-style wallet that can serve as your purse if you travel lightly. It measures 4.625" high, 7.875" wide, and 1.375" deep (when empty). It’s about the size of a good romance novel, but with the wristlet attachment you won’t ever have to put it down.


Is the Cash System Wallet bulky?

Not at all! When empty, it is only 1.375” deep. Even when filled with all your essentials, it is surprisingly sleek. Due to its high quality design and sturdy sides, it doesn’t bend or bulge when full.


How do shipping and delivery work?

We use flat rate shipping and ship your wallet from Connecticut the next business day after your order is received. Shipping is $3.95 for orders under $80, $6.95 for orders of $80.01-$125.00, and $9.95 for orders over $125. Please allow 1-3 business days for delivery.

What is your return policy?

We accept returns of new, unused wallets in original packaging and with tags attached within 30 days of receipt of your shipment. We guarantee our products 100%. In the rare case of damage or defect, please keep the item and all packaging and contact us to arrange return or replacement.


Do you have a question we didn’t address? Feel free to contact us at any time! You can expect a response within 24 hours.

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